Finger of God 2 and Brian Welch

The first Finger of God movie came out roughly twelve years ago, one year after Brian “Head” Welch became a born-again Christian. Brian Welch is one of the guitarists for the nu-metal band, Korn. He’s been playing for the band since 1993, and I remember hearing their songs on the radio as a kid. Korn is by no means a Christian band, which is obvious through their song titles like “Freak on a Leash” and “Black Is the Soul.” Brian Welch quit the band in 2005 when he became a Christian, and I remember seeing an article about it posted up in my church. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. This crazy-looking guy with face tattoos and dreadlocks, who played guitar for this band I heard on the radio was a Christian, just like me.

I wanted to know more but the article really didn’t say much and I didn’t have access to the internet like I do now. I’ve done quite a bit of research on Brian Welch since that day and I’ve learned he was struggling with addiction and being a single father, and Christ helped him overcome those issues. Even though he left the band in 2005 he returned in 2013 and has stayed with the band since. If it seems like he may have slipped away from his faith, don’t be confused. Finger of God, which came out in 2006, was a short film about God’s power. Now, twelve years later, Finger of God 2 is set to be released this month. Welch appears in the trailer for the film still strong in his faith. He still has the dreadlocks and the tattoos, and he still plays guitar for Korn, but he also still loves Jesus.

The rest of the trailer for the film was somewhat less impactful than seeing Welch’s face on the screen. My ten-year-old self was excited again about this rock star who loves Jesus and still makes (arguably) great music. His looks may very well put some people off, and some Christians could even argue that he shouldn’t be playing with Korn anymore since they are decided not a Christian band. He should be the Christian poster-boy for 180 turnarounds, but he’s still in Korn. A lot of Christians have a problem with that. Welch said it best himself in an interview when he was asked how he reconciles his faith with the band. In an interview with Huffpost he said, “I’m not hung up on little things like that. Jesus hung out with hookers and crazy people. I love where I’m at.”

The moral of the story, I think, is that Jesus didn’t dissociate himself from the sinners, because we’re all sinners. Jesus didn’t dissociate himself from the worst of the sinners, the ones the “good” sinners look down on, because he loves them. Welch does much the same. Welch appears in Finger of God 2 alongside the pastors and ministers and “holy” people who are laying hands on those who wish to receive Christ and preaching to the open ears. Welch is an incredible story of someone who was headed down a bad road with addiction and darkness, but he allowed Jesus to turn his life around.

If you want to see a little more about who Welch is today, but mostly see the power of God in the hands of believers, take some time on September 29th to go see Finger of God 2 at Revive Church in Stuart, FL. The showing starts at 7:00 pm and there is no cost. The church’s address is 851 SE Johnson Ave., Stuart, FL 34994. If you are interested in viewing this film but either don’t live close to Revive Church or won’t be able to make it on Wednesday, the link for other showings can be found here.