Over 750 Church Leaders Strengthened Ties in Poland

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    Joyce Dimaculangan
    Joyce Dimaculangan
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    The European Leadership Forum (ELF) brought over 750 evangelical leaders from Europe to Poland for an intense week of training. Sponsored by the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL), the exclusive events aims to gather spiritually mature evangelical leaders to renew the biblical church and evangelize Europe. The conference connects more than 800 leaders from 59 countries.

    From May 19-24, participants joined the week-long program that included morning Bible expositions by Conrad Mbewe of Kabwata Baptist Church, Zambia and evening talks discussing cultural trends in Europe, the church and its mission, reports Evangelical Focus.

    Europe’s population is 76% Christian, a substantial drop from 95% in 1900, and the religious landscape continues to change to this day. “Christianity is declining largely through religious switching, mainly to agnosticism and atheism an evidence of secularization, and deaths, while it is increasing through births (those born into Christian families) and immigration” according to Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

    The ELF was filled with activities that promoted opportunities for participants to strengthen network with leaders from other regions in Europe. During the annual meeting, church leaders received training, mentoring and the encouragement they needed to continue with their mission. There were relevant projects, over 50 seminars and thematic networks (such as academics, apologetics, church planting, artists, and disciple-making) that leaders could join. All participants chose two Personal Mentoring meetings and a mentor to guide them in a topic of interest or to find answers in situations and challenges they face in their home countries.

    Speakers from different countries graced the conference, including Scott Anderson and Ann Blaser (USA), Ralf Bergmann (Germany), David Brown (France), and Max Baker-Hytch (England). They discussed topics on leadership, discipling, improving worship and media communications to equip leaders—both experienced and novice, in their ministries.

    The ELF offered financial assistance to participants from Southern and Eastern European countries to make the delegation a representative of the European reality.

    The main sessions are available online for free on the Forum of Christian Leaders’ YouTube channel.

    In addition to the annual ELF, the FOCL offers free online master classes where seasoned evangelical leaders give valuable insights in various topics relevant in today’s Christians.

    Recently, senior pastor of Harvest New Beginnings Church in Chicago, Scott Poling, gave a three-hour lecture called “Help for those overwhelmed in ministry.” FOCL believes that all leaders experience ministry ruts and it takes another perspective for them to see these issues. Organizers stressed that “This master class will help you identify best leadership practices and ways to incorporate them.”




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