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    Chuck Cordle’s Quiet Quest to Save the Unsaveable

    There are hundreds of alcohol/drug treatment centers and halfway houses in Palm Beach County. But there’s only one Fern House. Since 1982, the Fern House has been an open door and an open heart for men trying to break free from the grip of alcoholism and drug addiction.

    Kids’ Bible App Reaches 100M Users

    In 2013, YouVersion and OneHope, a faith-based global outreach organization, developed an app in the hopes of making God\'s Word accessible to young children. Now, the Bible App for Kids reached an amazing milestone---it has been uniquely installed 100 million times! It took seven years for the app to reach 50 million installs and just three years for the next 50 million

    Texas Pushes Religious Freedom in Schools

    Texas lawmakers are working hard to include more religion into schools.

    Dr. Stephen Mansfield Shares Ten Signs of a Leadership Crash

    Christian Business Association of the Palm Beaches hosted their April meeting at Farmer’s Table in North Palm Beach. The speaker for the meeting was New York Times best selling author, TEDx speaker, historian and Senior Fellow of Public Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Dr. Stephen Mansfield.

    Romania to Hold a Christian Music Festival this Spring

    Romania will hold the second HeartBeats Festival which gives a unique cultural experience to young Christians in Easter Europe.

    Pastor Declares Revivals in America as Divine Providence

    A famous religious leader in the country claims that the successful spiritual revivals in different parts of America are the handiwork of God.

    Dr. Charles Stanley passed away April 18, 2023

    Dr. Charles F. Stanley, beloved Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Atlanta, passed away peacefully this morning at home. We are forever grateful for his...

    2 in 3 Americans Believe in Easter Resurrection

    A Lifeway study found that the majority of Americans believe Jesus rose from the dead marking the first Easter Sunday.

    Latest Bible Translation Hits New Record

    The United Bible Societies announced that 57 translations of the Bible or parts of it were finished in 2022, hitting a new historic high.

    Millions of Christians Celebrate Easter Sunday, Hold Mass Prayers

    Millions of Christians around the world celebrated Easter Sunday, the holiest day in the Christian calendar.

    60-Year-Old Pastor to Bike 3,400 Miles Coast to Coast to Promote Culture of Love and Life

    “The Life Ride journey across America is a prophetic picture to remind the body of Christ who we are called to be,” declares Pastor. What...

    ‘Best Night of My Life’: 11-yo Shares Miracle at Asbury Revival

    An 11-year-old girl from Virginia said she experienced a miraculous healing when she went to the Asbury revival in Wilmore, Kentucky last month. The glorious...


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